This week in class we learned about how to create a rubric and a little about assessments and the grading system. I cant wait until i have the opportunity to teach children things that they will take and build upon for their future. I remember when I was young and I would go to a class that I was really excited about. I would think about it the night before and ponder as to what the day would hold for me….. I think that teaching is really the profession that I am intended to pursue!!! Here is the rubric that I created …

Name: Harry Potter (obv name has been changed)

Teacher: Ms. Lafountain

Date : 04/09/2014

Title of Work: Hogwarts, A History









  • Evaluation of Questions

Assignment does not show a full understanding of what was asked. Little or no evaluation of questions

Assignment show moderate understanding of the questions much more elaboration is needed

Assignment provides some well thought evaluation of question needed to elaborate more

Assignment has the correct amount of questions, displays a great understanding of what was asked in a detailed manner


  • Evaluation of Websites

Assignment displays little or no websites. Or websites given had no correlation to project.

A few of the websites needed to complete the assignment were missing

All of the websites needed for the assignment were present. Some were not correctly chosen

All websites were present

All websites worked and were relevant to the assignment


  • Evaluation of Quality of the Big Question

Assignment did not have a big question

Big question had little or no relevance to the assignment

Big question was relevant to the assignment but too vague

Big question was detailed and well thought out, with clear relation to assignment


  • Evaluation of Visual Presentation

Assignment lacked organization and was in the incorrect format

Assignment displayed errors in organization some formatting issues

Assignment shows little or no formatting issues and organization was good

Assignment has no errors in format and organization


  • Spelling and grammar

Many mistakes were present regarding spelling and grammar

Moderate –few spelling and grammar mistakes were shown in this assignment

Very few spelling and grammar mistakes in this assignment

No spelling or grammar mistakes is this assignment








Teacher Comments:

This Student shows understanding of the assignment. With clear questions that were reasonably easy to find given the websites given. Overall this was a great project.



One thought on “Rubric

  1. Little Bird always talks about these things and insists on having one before she starts a big project now I get it 🙂
    (I can’t help but point out the spelling and grammar line..The port that says .no spelling or grammar mistakes is this assignment..not to be critical, I just got a good chuckle ..laughing with you Miss Lafountain. You are going to be an awesome teacher, already are ♥

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